I Quit (an anthology)
Hernán Casciari
«I Quit» — 23x15cm. 256 pages. ISBN 978-84-15525-20-2. Editorial Orsai SRL. — All stories translated by Frances Riddle and Maureen Shaughnessy.

An anthology with the best stories of Casciari

In September 2010, Hernán Casciari decided to quit publishing his novels and short story collections at the largest publishing houses in Spain, Mexico, and Argentina in order to take full control of the management and distribution of his work.

Now, ten years later, the author has decided to celebrate his first decade of independence by simultaneously publishing his twenty-five best stories in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Catalan.

2003-2020. Hernán Casciari.
Diecisiete años rascándose el higo a dos manos.